Hello and welcome to my website, I’m Leigh but you can call me Leelee.


I am an artist living in South Staffordshire with my two dogs Dougie and Freddie. I love to create unique artworks using watercolours as my main medium but occasionally adding some coloured pencil or ink. I mostly paint floral artworks, wildlife and pet portraits and love to capture the personality and beauty of each animal but you can find some other themes within my collections to.

My story….

I’ve always loved drawing and since a child I have shifted from one artistic style to another, from anime and comic art to sculpting and wood work just trying to find ‘my style’.

After studying for my A-levels, I went to Birmingham City University where I graduated with a degree in Theatre, Performance and Event Design. Upon leaving university I worked in theatres creating props for shows and production companies creating props and scenery for advertising campaigns, films, TV and festivals. Although I liked working within the production industry I could never shake my love of drawing and creating my own work. It is now with the support and a push from my family that I have started to sell my artwork and become a self-employed artist.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. For the latest updates please check out my social media pages. 

Leelee Art

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